Harness the power of a Breezair or Braemar evaporative cooling unit to cool your home or office.


Evaporative air conditioning is achieved through the simple process of evaporation. Hot and dry air is absorbed through this system’s cooled filter pads, which lowers the air temperature. A fan then pushes the cool air through the ducting system.


It’s important to note that the outside air humidity influences the temperature of the cooled air. A door or window must be left open as the cooled air inside does not recirculate. Evaporative cooling requires large, open areas to work efficiently. Unlike standard refrigerated air conditioning units, which work better in closed and confined spaces.

Cleaning & Servicing

An annual service of the evaporative air cooler’s belts and pulleys is recommended for maintaining optimal performance over long periods. The interior systems of evaporative coolers can become sealed up, reducing the cooling efficiency required to keep you cool and comfortable. We use high-pressure water cleaners—not chemicals—to remove mineral build up on the filter pads and to remove dust and debris.

What are the benefits of an evaporative cooling system?